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CAIQING OIL in Pakistan

Our Original Caiqing Male Enlargement Essential Oil is a natural product that can assist you in improving your confidence and increasing the length of your personal member. The usage recommendations are as follows: It is recommended to use 5-10 minutes before interactions.
You may massage the oil with finger pulp looped way to promote the complete absorption of the Caiqing Oil. After a few minutes the necessary procedure should be complete.Please tighten the cap after use and keep in a dry place away from light.

This product has passed rigorous clinical tests to confirm the safety of its use. The use of this product on pregnant and lactating women is not recommended.If you are allergic or uncomfortable, please stop using it immediately and wash your member.
As a test, you may apply a small amount of the Caiqing Male Enlargement Essential Oil to a convenient test area to determine your skin’s sensitivity to this product. If it accidentally enters the eye, immediately rinse with water.

The Caiqing Essential Oil contains ingredients from natural plant extracts.
Before use, check to ensure that the packaging is intact. If found damaged the product should not be used. Remember to avoid contact with eyes, use responsibly and place away from children.


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