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Cod Liver Oil




Cod Liver oil sourced from the livers of Atlantic cod family and is the most popular food supplement in the world. Cod Liver oil consists of Vitamin A and Vitamin D in their naturally occurring form. It helps protect joints and bone health as well strengthen our muscles. The major Vitamins in Cod Liver oil also help to minimize the risk of sudden attack and muscle weakness that is very common among men & women. Cod Liver oil has very beneficial therapeutic properties and effective on cardiovascular health as well help to repair wounded teeth, Hair Oil, nails & skin. Cod Liver oil enhances immunity level and protect from the sides effects of winters.

  • Cod Liver oil Seven Seas products may potentially promote musculoskeletal & heart health
  • Cod Liver oil lowering high cholesterol & high triglycerides
  • Cod Liver oil preventing and treating diabetes
  • Cod Liver oil lowering high blood pressure & preventing heart diseases
  • Cod Liver oil reducing the risk of osteoarthritis as well treating depression
  • Cod Liver oil minimizing the risk of autoimmune diseases
  • Cod Liver oil fighting against eye disorders such glaucoma and protecting eye sight
  • Cod Liver oil treats ear infections, asthma and allergies
  • Cod Liver oil preventing and treating kidney diseases also help to repair wounded teeth, Hair Oil, nails & skin
  • Cod Liver oil helps to maintain bone health and protects joints
  • Cod Liver oil is the perfect fat which is essential for every single cell in the body
  • Cod Liver oil is very important for pregnant women because it has very high amount of Vitamins D & A
  • Cod Liver oil contains Anti-Inflammatory Omega 3 essential fats
  • Cod Liver oil improves reproductive health
  • Cod Liver oil may support eye health
  • Cod Liver oil can improve symptoms of Anxiety & Depression
  • Cod Liver oil helps to heal Stomach & Gut Ulcers
  • Cod Liver oil enhances fertility


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