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Levitra Tablets


Size – 4 tab
Imported From – India


Levitra Tablets Price in Pakistan

What Is Levitra (Vardenafil)?

How Much Does Levitra Cost?
Levitra Is Available In Both Brand And Generic Versions. It Is Not Covered By Most Medicare And Insurance Plans, But Manufacturer And Pharmacy Coupons Can Help Offset The Cost. The Lowest Goodrx Price For The Most Common Version Of Generic Levitra Is Around $16.47, 7% Off The Average Retail Price Of $13.17. Levitra Tablets in Pakistan Price : 2000/- PKR

Levitra Dosage
If You Are Using The Disintegrating Tablet Form Of Levitra, The Recommended Single Dose Is 10-milligrams (Mg) No More Than Once A Day, An Hour Before You Expect To Have Sex.

If You Are Using The Oral Tablet, Take A 10-mg Single Dose Once A Day An Hour Before Sex. Men Age 65 Years And Older Can Take A 5-mg Dose Once A Day, An Hour Before Sex.

The Recommended Dose Of Levitra Will Be Different For Different Men, However. Talk To Your Doctor About The Correct Dosage For You.

Levitra Overdose
No More Than One Dose Of Levitra Every 24 Hours Should Be Taken. Call Your Doctor Immediately If You Think You’ve Overdosed On Levitra.

How Long Does It Take For Levitra To Take Effect?
About 30 Minutes
How Long Does It Take Erectile Dysfunction Medication To Work? Viagra And Levitra Take About 30 Minutes To Work, And The Effects Last For About 4 Hours After You Take The Pill. You Should Take Cialis At Least 2 Hours Before You Plan To Have Sex.

What Are The Side Effects Of Taking Levitra?
Common Side Effects Of Levitra Include:
Flushing (Warmth Or Redness In Your Face, Neck, Or Chest),
Runny Or Stuffy Nose,
Stomach Upset,
Back Pain, Or.
Which is Better Viagra Or Levitra?
However, Because It Is The Generic Version Of The Medicine, Rather Than The Brand, Sildenafil Is Considerably Cheaper. Levitra Will Last For A Similar Amount Of Time As Viagra (Four To Six Hours). The Main Difference To Viagra Is That Levitra Tends To Be Less Affected By Food Or Alcohol So Can Be Taken With Meals.


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